Ski Race Gates

Edge Snowsport is now the UK distributor for Eurogripp slalom poles for snow and dendex.

Eurogripp-branded polycarbonate poles were born in a little workshop at the entrance of the village of Tesero, in the province of Trento. They are resistant and light thanks to Cirio Mich's experience who knew his stuff when he dealt with plastic materials. Soon the FIS homologation certificate proved the quality of our poles, which are now sold both in Italy and abroad.

We are now the UK supplier of Eurogripp Slalom Poles - a great value slalom pole with mechanical spring hinge. Available in 25mm, 27mm & 30mm FIS homologated shafts, you can choose from the basic base, big screw, or 2 different sizes of brush. Stubbies are PU tube in 32mm OD and 60cm long. Our dendix drymat bases are black HDPE.

Snow Jaggy Base

Snow depth: 350 mm
Drill bit diameter: 35mm

Snow X-Base

Snow depth: 300 mm
Drill bit diameter: 41mm


Short screw base
Long screw base
Smooth (stab-in) base

Dryslope Gates

Full gates: Composite base with chamfered end for ease of setting
Stubbies: Short composite base with flexible PU tube

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